About Us

NEPHRA Good Neighbours is an established community organisation founded in August 2004.  Run by local volunteers, our aim is to recreate the community spirit of yesteryear and improve the quality of life of the people in the neighbourhood. We became a Registered Charity No. 1160433 in April 2015.

Each year we have grown from strength to strength and now run 12 weekly projects from the NorthField Allotment and the NEPHRA HQ/drop-in centre. To see our Calendar of classes, groups and events please see our What’s On page.

The committee is drawn from volunteers, service users and local residents all committed to improving the neighbourhood. The committee is very much a “hands on” board, volunteering and involving themselves in all aspects of the work at NEPHRA. This ensures that meetings, discussions and decisions are based firmly on the day to day shared experiences of volunteers, service users and the wider local community.

NEPHRA Good Neighbours is based in New Moston, Manchester, which is part of the Moston Ward. The first question people often ask is “What does NEPHRA mean?” It surprises many to discover the name was just made up  in a hurry from the initials of some of the streets we represent. The N = Northfield Road, the E = Elder Grove, the P = Parkfield Road North and the R and A stand for Residents Association.

So from humble beginnings  in 2004, when a handful of  local people got together to clear up a local grot spot, NEPHRA now boasts a membership of over 1000 homes and is run by a committee of local people supported by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.

The overall aims of NEPHRA came out of that first project, when small group of residents, got together to clear up the local grot spot. It was a huge task which necessitated the group working together from the May Bank holiday weekend, through the summer and into the New Year and beyond.

Although this project was ultimately abandoned – the land was bought literally from under our feet by a local business man – many useful lessons were learned along the way:

  • Until we had the common goal of clearing up the land, many of us who had been close neighbours for years had never really spoken to each other.
  • Working together was fun and gave us a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Improving the environment also made us feel better.
  • New Moston had no identity especially at the city council, and  needed putting firmly on the map as an integral part of the Moston Ward.
  • Officers from the city council, local councillors and other agency staff are there to help, and are more than willing to do so.

It was from these experiences that we were able to develop our overall aims.

NEPHRA is proud to say we are “of the community, from the community, for the community!”