Get with IT!

On Friday 11 September 2015 our popular computer classes – currently taking a break for the summer – will be back and better than ever! Following several class surveys and polls, we have listened to your feedback and decided upon a new curriculum.

Over the next three terms we will be concentrating upon:

Term 1 – Digital Photography

From 11 September until 18 December 2015 our focus will be on helping you get the most from your digital images. If you have a digital camera (or another device that takes pictures – your phone perhaps), then these sessions will be of interest to you. Rather than having your digital photos languishing on your computer, or worse still, sitting idly on your camera’s memory card – we will look at the wide range of options for printing, storing, sharing and displaying your pictures to their best advantage.

You’ll see how a simple image can be transformed into something truly special using FREE one-click software. We’ll show you how easy it is to go from a simple snapshot to a smart canvas for your wall, or turn a batch of seasonal images into a quality Calendar.

You might want to have a favourite image put onto a mug, or create your own personalised Christmas Cards – you’ll be amazed at the type of things you can produce! Before you know it your Christmas/Birthday gifting will be taken to a new level entirely! 

Term 2 – Social Media

From 8 January 2016 to mid-April our attention will switch to Social Media. So if you have a fear of Facebook or think that only the birds Tweet, then we will show you how to make Social Media work for YOU!

Term 3 – Memory Making

From April 2016 through to the summer we’ll be taking a trip down Memory Lane. Do you have a shoebox, drawer, tin or handbag full of old photos? Do you have old albums, scrapbooks and other such fragile memorabilia? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love Digital Memory Making. Using a range of software and peripheral equipment such as cameras and scanners, we’ll show you how easy it is to create Digital Mementos such as Photo Montages with Music,  DVD albums with narration, Coffee Table Books and other ways to preserve, display or share your memories.

Places are limited but feel free to register your interest via the form below. Please indicate which of the classes/terms you are interested in joining!

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