The ladies of NEPHRA’s Knit and Natter Group, who meet every Thursday morning at NEPHRA HQ,  have completed a very special scarf for a geologist based in Oldham. Each of the stripes in the multi-coloured scarf, which measures over 15 feet in length, represents a period of time in the geological history of the Earth. The project took many weeks to complete and the recipient geologist was suitably impressed!

Some of the knitters are also members of Friday’s computer class where they have been learning ways to present digital images effectively. They decided to take regular photographs during the making of the scarf – including the day they handed it over to the geologist, and they have now created a short film for you all to enjoy!

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  1. Brilliant idea and a good bit of teamwork. Great stitches too!! I’m sure you had a lot of laughs while you were working.

    Keep up the good work. Shirley x

  2. WOW. I have wanted to make one of these (or rather, convince my knitting friends to make me one) for years! And now you’ve done one, congratulations! I’d love to know the details of how this came to be- how thick was the cenozoic era, was the holocene only one yarn thick? Are there any pictures of it on display? Fifteen feet is a lot of scarf, but I’d proudly wear such a thing around town- lucky geologist! (found this page by randomly searching for “geologic scarf” in hopes that one would someday exist..!)

    1. Hello there, Endless. Amazing to hear how you searched the Internet and found us! I have asked the ladies of NEPHRA (on your behalf) if they still have the pattern from which they worked. I know that there was a fair bit of Maths involved in working out how many rows would signify each geological period… and they worked from simple instructions such as ‘X’ number of stitches and ‘X’ number of rows in yarn colour A, B, C etc., to represent the different periods. It took them quite a while to get it done – they meet once a week, and each of the group took it in turns to knit the sections. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Hi, my boyfriend is a geologist, and I really want to knit him a scarf like this! I stumbled onto the youtube video through a Google search, but I haven’t had much luck finding an actual pattern. Do the lovely ladies of NEPHRA have one?

    1. Hi… I will seek permission from the geologist concerned and get back to you soon as I can!

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