Betty’s Bit s and Bobs is a short film made by local resident,Elizabeth Corrie.  We are pleased to announce that it has been included in The Manchester Museum of Science & Industry’s MOSI-Along/Cabinets of Curiosities Project. The Museum is working in patnership with a number of groups and agencies – its mission being to encourage local people to connect and share their memories and stories in a digital format. Betty produced the film over several weeks with the help of other members of NEPHRA’s Friday afternoon computer classes.

In the film, Betty talks about a number of items that feature in her own cabinet of curious objects, so feel free to watch, listen and enjoy!

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  1. Well done Betty! This is a great little film – you describe things so well. A really interesting collection of objects. Good luck in the MOSI-Along challenge!

    1. Hi Maggie,
      My irons are iron, thought they always were, because of being heated on the open fire–bring it to the computer class to show me please, Betty

  2. might be iron with a brass cover-they have been used many years ago by my gran(all mod cons!) anyway will bring them to comp class next friday

  3. What a fantastic film….I’m so impressed and can’t wait for more films like this. I was glued to the screen – it’s not only very clever it’s aldso very intereting…..It proves you’re never too old to grasp the usefulness of new technology and I hope your work will encourage others to get involved with our computer class!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! All so well done…congratulations to Betty. These kind of presentations are invaluable for future generations to watch ……..I really enjoyed hearing about the items of a bygone age.

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