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Fun with Slideshows

Hello there

The Friday afternoon computer class is continuing to enjoy making slideshows using Photo Story 3. As well as the films they have already posted to this Blog, some of class are now using the software to make their personal shows. With that in mind, I’d like to mention a handy little utility program that’s called Tweak PS. As you know, when you create a slideshow using Photo Story 3, the software automatically adds movement to each and every slide (apart from the ones that have captions included), and although some motion in a slideshow is desirable, having it on every slide can be quite tiring on the viewer’s eyes.

This is where Tweak PS comes into its own. In short, it will allow you to remove all the motion from any given Photo Story project file. It will also let you set an overall slide time i.e. change it from the default slide duration of 5 seconds, and you can even randomise the order of the slides themselves.  The program is quick to install and very easy to use… and you are left with a great starting point from which to move forward and create your own unique style of show.

Here’s a handy link to the download page:

Go to Tweak PS download page

Have fun!


The Luncheon Club

Here’s another chance to watch the short film about NEPHRA’s popular and utterly brilliant Luncheon Club! If you’re an existing member of The Luncheon Club, please add a comment to this post to let others know what a wonderful thing it is… and if you’ve not yet sampled the food, you’re in for a treat!

For further information about the Luncheon Club, please call Bren on 07745 502526

A Stitch in Time

The ladies of NEPHRA’s Knit and Natter Group, who meet every Thursday morning at NEPHRA HQ,  have completed a very special scarf for a geologist based in Oldham. Each of the stripes in the multi-coloured scarf, which measures over 15 feet in length, represents a period of time in the geological history of the Earth. The project took many weeks to complete and the recipient geologist was suitably impressed!

Some of the knitters are also members of Friday’s computer class where they have been learning ways to present digital images effectively. They decided to take regular photographs during the making of the scarf – including the day they handed it over to the geologist, and they have now created a short film for you all to enjoy!

Hello from Bren

Hi Folks,

I found this interesting article about a FREE Advocacy Service for people over 55! I guess you’ll be like me thinking what the heck is an advocacy service?

In a nutshell it’s a service aimed at helping you to resolve problems……Interested then read the article taken from the Generation Project latest Nnewsletter………………



Our Advocacy service works with people aged 55 plus and their carers, living in East Manchester and Moston. Our free service helps to support clients with issues such as housing, feeling isolated, benefit claims, accessing care services, safety, caring for others and health.

Our advocacy workers have experience of working with a range of issues and complex situations which can lead to money problems and worry about managing in general. We recognise that sometimes it can be difficult to muster up the courage to ring up a service and talk about you problems over the phone or even make the journey to an unknown office so when you contact us we will arrange to visit you at home or in a community venue. “I would still be trying to get things done by doing what I was doing before the advocate got involved but I would probably be getting nowhere. I feel that more got done when the advocate got involved”.

 If you have got a problem and are not sure where to turn, please don’t hesitate give us a call. To make a referral or obtain further information about the service please contact Carole or Peter on 0161 202 2522


Betty’s Bit and Bobs!

Betty’s Bit s and Bobs is a short film made by local resident,Elizabeth Corrie.  We are pleased to announce that it has been included in The Manchester Museum of Science & Industry’s MOSI-Along/Cabinets of Curiosities Project. The Museum is working in patnership with a number of groups and agencies – its mission being to encourage local people to connect and share their memories and stories in a digital format. Betty produced the film over several weeks with the help of other members of NEPHRA’s Friday afternoon computer classes.

In the film, Betty talks about a number of items that feature in her own cabinet of curious objects, so feel free to watch, listen and enjoy!

Comments welcome.