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NEPHRA's Priority Pass Scheme 2024.

Our 2024 annual “Priority Pass” is £15 per person and will provide you with 14 day priority access on all of NEPHRA trips and activities at our “Priority Pass” discounted rate.  All our day trips for 2024 will be charged at £10 per person – for those who have purchased Priority Pass membership (at the annual cost of £15 per year) and the higher price of £20 per person for non-members.

We currently have ten day trips planned for 2024 (see details below),  with the potential for more to be announced throughout the year. Booking for the trips will be released in blocks of two or three and all Priority Pass members will be notified first, allowing them a minimum of 14 days priority before anyone else will be able to book.

We will be limiting the number of spaces on each trip due to the high price of transport.  Therefore only Priority Pass members are guaranteed places during their exclusive 14 day booking period.

Details of the trips are outlined below:

Day Tips for 2024
Tuesday 13th Feb  – Boundary Mill
Tuesday 19th Mar  – Trentham Gardens & Shopping Village
Tuesday 16th Apr  – Grassmere
Tuesday 21st May  – Saltaire
Tuesday 25th June  – Skipton
Tuesday 16th July  – Southport
Tuesday 20th Aug  – Llandudno
Tuesday 17th Sept  – Chester
Tuesday 15th Oct  – St Annes and Blackpool Illuminations (later departure)
Tuesday 26th Nov  – York Christmas Market

The Priority Pass is a yearly subscription. The 2024 passes will be available from from November 2023 and can be purchased at any point throughout 2024.  Passes  will be valid until 31st December 2024.

To get the most out of your priority pass we advise purchasing them as early as possible.


For further information contact NEPHRA Staff by email: office.nephra@gmail.com or by telephone on 07716 316026 or pop into our community centre base for an application form.