nephra's luncheon club

NEPHRA’s Lunch Club meets every Tuesday at 1.00pm at our Head Quarters on Parkfield Road North, New Moston. There is ample parking and everyone is welcome.  Gemma, our cook, and her team provide a healthy, home-cooked lunch, including tea and coffee, for just £6.00.  

Residents in the local area who have no transport or have difficulty walking can have it arranged for them by NEPHRA volunteers.

It is a great chance for residents (some of whom have limited opportunity to get out much) to not only enjoy our celebrated home cooking but also to socialise with others of a similar age group. The emphasis is upon providing good food and an upbeat atmosphere.

What are you waiting for – come and see for yourself!

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to operate our Luncheon Club at the present time. 

We have replaced this service, for the time being with our Meals on Wheels Service.  Find out more.