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Help us raise funds for our new community centre on the NEPHRA Community Gardens

Terms & Conditions:

  1. For a cost of £60 per year you will be allocated one number between 1 and 200. You are welcome to purchase as many numbers as you wish
  2. First draw will be Tuesday 2nd April 2024
  3. A draw will be made at the beginning of each month (1st working day of the month)
  4. The 12 prizes will total 25% of the annual income
  5. The monthly winnings will be apportioned as one prize of £200 and two prizes of £25
  6. The 200 club is a private lottery and is open to all service users, carers, staff and volunteers of NEPHRA Good Neighbours
  7. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, BACS or standing order.
  8. Numbers will only be entered in the monthly draw if payments are up to date
  9. The draw shall be made by a member of the management team in the presence of a Charity Trustee
  10. The winners will be notified by telephone on the day of the draw and will receive the funds within 7 working days. A signature will be required on receipt of winnings
  11. The name and number of each month’s winners will be posted on our social media pages
  12. The 200 club will be run by the management team and the decision made by them will be final
  13. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 200 club if their subscription is unpaid for one Month
  14. If the winner cannot be contacted the winnings will be placed in Nephra Good Neighbours fundraiser after 6 months
  15. Minimum term of 6 months

For further information or to participate in the lottery contact NEPHRA Staff by email: office.nephra@gmail.com or by telephone on 07716 316026