tree of kindness campaign

We would like to thank every person who is supporting their neighbours, family and friends through this difficult time. It’s more important  than ever that we work together to support those people who are alone and need help.

 No act of kindness is too small, sometimes little things can make a big difference.  That’s why we’ve launched the “Tree of Kindness” campaign, to offer you an easy way to express your gratitude to someone who has helped you along the way. Maybe they collected a prescription for you or did your shopping.  Perhaps they just phoned you for a natter when you needed a friend!

We will be having a display at our Head Quarters, and we are asking you to send a little Thank You note to the person who has helped you during the lock down period.  These heart shaped notes will then be pinned to the “Tree of Kindness” at NEPHRA. 

We want to fill our tree with love, gratitude and positivity for the start of 2021!

Every person who is nominated will receive one of our handmade “Thank You” cake gifts with a note telling them of the reason why they have been nominated. (NEPHRA staff and volunteers are not eligible for nominations.)  These will be delivered on February 17th 2021, which is National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

You can nominate a friend or neighbour by completing your Thank You note (Below), or by dropping it into the post box outside our Head Quarters on Parkfield Rd North, or by sending a message on our Facebook page (@nephranewmoston)

This information will only be used in conjunction with our Tree of Kindness campaign, to allow us to distribute the Thank You Cake gift packs.  Personal details will not be stored by NEPHRA and will not be shared with third parties.